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The aim of this study was to verify the stereotypes about black dogs and to assess the extent to which they affect the decisions of new owners on whether to adopt a dog from a shelter. The results of three questionnaires carried out in 2010-2012 were analyzed. The first one was addressed to randomly selected respondents (100 persons); its purpose was to assess the stereotypes that remain in the society concerning black colored dogs. The second one was addressed to breeders of pedigree dogs of such breeds as Labrador Retriever, Newfoundland, Shar-pei and Doberman (10 breeders of each breed), which according to the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) breed standard have several acceptable colors, including black. A third one was filled in by people who have undergone the procedure related to the adoption of a dog in an animal shelter (60 persons). The results were statistically analyzed; analysis of the frequency of positive and negative answers was used, the significance of differences in the strength of association between variables was evaluated. The results indicate that dogs with a black coat were preferred. However, responding to questions on the appearance of aggressive and dangerous animals, most people selected big dogs of a black color. It has been demonstrated that the stereotype of black dogs is present in our society and the black dog is still considered to be aggressive. The education and gender of respondents had no influence on their responses. Despite the existing stereotypes, data collected in the Polish animal shelters have indicated that black dogs are adopted more frequently than dogs of other colors. The color, in most cases, did not matter, and what decided about the adoption of a specific dog was its attractive appearance and resemblances to a particular race. It was also determined that the term „black dog syndrome” in Polish society refers to an irrational anxiety and fear of black dogs.
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