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Polysiloxane with covalently attached undecanoic acid groups was obtained in a two-step synthesis. Four molecules of methyl undec-10-enoate were attached to 1,3,5,7-tetramethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4H) by hydrosilylation reaction yielding a new monomer, tetra(l 1-methoxy-l l-oxoundecyl)tetramethyl-cyclotetrasiloxane . The monomer was polymerized using anionic ring opening polymerization with concomitant hydrolysis of ester bonds. The silicone polymer thus obtained can self-organize in aqueous environment forming large objects, probably vesicles, with diameter of 1 pm. Silicon nanocapsules of controlled size can be prepared in a simple way in the polymerization processes of Dj""1*"'1 within vesicle templates. The monomer swells the surfactant vesicles up to 50 mol % based on the surfactant. Polymerization of D4"IK,"yl inside membrane yields nanocapsules of size similar to the originate vesicles.
The aim of this study was to analyse the expression of gap junction proteins, connexins, in non-pregnant porcine myometrium. Uterine tissue was obtained immediately after slaughter of the animals and the examination of ovarian morphology. Tissues were collected from prepubertal and mature pigs at preovulatory and secretory phases of the oestrous cycle and frozen in liquid nitrogen. Cryosections were immunofluorescently labelled using antibodies against connexins 26, 32, 40 and 43. Among four connexins studied, only connexin 43 was detected in the myometrium of the immature and adult porcine uterus. Connexin 43 labelling appeared as bright fluorescent spots distributed along smooth muscle cell interfaces. The amount of labelling for Cx43 was much higher in the circular layer than in the longitudinal layer in all prepubertal and mature porcine myometria. These results support the concept that connexin 43 is the principal connexin expressed in the nonpregnant myometrium. Furthermore, it seems that muscle layer-specific distribution of connexin 43 gap junctions may contribute to diverse functions of circular and longitudinal smooth muscles in modulating uterine motility.
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