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Content available remote The Cotton Tensor and the Ricci Flow
We compute the evolution equation of the Cotton and the Bach tensor under the Ricci flow of a Riemannian manifold, with particular attention to the three dimensional case, and we discuss some applications.
Content available remote Jet methods in time-dependent Lagrangian biomechanics
Open Physics
tom 8
nr 5
In this paper we propose the time-dependent generalization of an ‘ordinary’ autonomous human biomechanics, in which total mechanical + biochemical energy is not conserved. We introduce a general framework for time-dependent biomechanics in terms of jet manifolds associated to the extended musculo-skeletal configuration manifold, called the configuration bundle. We start with an ordinary configuration manifold of human body motion, given as a set of its all active degrees of freedom (DOF) for a particular movement. This is a Riemannian manifold with a material metric tensor given by the total mass-inertia matrix of the human body segments. This is the base manifold for standard autonomous biomechanics. To make its time-dependent generalization, we need to extend it with a real time axis. By this extension, using techniques from fibre bundles, we defined the biomechanical configuration bundle. On the biomechanical bundle we define vector-fields, differential forms and affine connections, as well as the associated jet manifolds. Using the formalism of jet manifolds of velocities and accelerations, we develop the time-dependent Lagrangian biomechanics. Its underlying geometric evolution is given by the Ricci flow equation.
Content available remote Renormalized volume and the evolution of APEs
We study the evolution of the renormalized volume functional for even-dimensional asymptotically Poincaré-Einstein metrics (M, g) under normalized Ricci flow. In particular, we prove that [...] where S(g(t)) is the scalar curvature for the evolving metric g(t). This implies that if S +n(n − 1) ≥ 0 at t = 0, then RenV(Mn , g(t)) decreases monotonically. For odd-dimensional asymptotically Poincaré-Einstein metrics with vanishing obstruction tensor,we find that the conformal anomaly for these metrics is constant along the flow. We apply our results to the Hawking-Page phase transition in black hole thermodynamics.We compute renormalized volumes for the Einstein 4-metrics sharing the conformal infinity of an AdS-Schwarzschild black hole. We compare these to the free energies relative to thermal hyperbolic space, as originally computed by Hawking and Page using a different regularization technique, and find that they are equal.
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