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Due to recorded growth both in living standards and latest researches in medicine, proportion of people in old age has significantly improved all over the world. Although old age people are several percent of the entire society, number of surgeries within the group does not exceed 40%. Also risk of malignant neoplasms among old age people, significantly grows. Malignant neoplasm of colon appears to be most visible problem in group of people in age over 75 years old. The aim of the study was a retrospective analysis of results in treatment of the sick over 75 years old, suffering from Malignant neoplasm of colon. Therapy was performed in the I Unit of General Surgery and Surgical Oncology in Provinical Hospital in Jelenia Góra. Material and methods. Subject to analysis were 63 patients that went under operations in years from 2006 to 2010 due to the colorectal cancer, who have been divided now into two groups. First group included 49 patients treated as per schedule, and the second stood for 14, who required urgent treatment. Reference group has involved 20 younger patients, treated in urgent and scheduled courses, due to the colon cancer. There are no contradictions to emergencies and scheduled surgeries for patients in advanced years, suffering from colon cancer. Complications after colon cancer emergencies are far more frequent than in case of scheduled surgeries. Death rates among patients over 75 years old are far more frequent after emergencies than after scheduled surgeries. Concomitant diseases occur the same frequent during emergenices as during scheduled operations. During emergencies, it was left side of the colon that occured to be infected with cancer more frequent. Conclusions. There is no significant diversity in hospitalization time frames after emergencies and scheduled surgeries. Dangerous surgical complications within group of older patients, those after emergencies and scheduled surgeries too, are far more frequent in comparison to the reference group.
Content available remote Mini Trampoline Exercises And The Functional Capacity Of Patients With Spinal Pain
Introduction. One of the reasons for the lower quality of life of ageing patients has to do with the chronic pain they experience due to disorders of the locomotor and nervous systems. These disorders include osteoarthritis, and in particular degenerative-deforming changes in the spine, which increase the patients’ tendency to fall and to suffer increasingly severe consequences as a result. Financial resources, both in Poland and in many other countries, are mainly allocated to treating patients, and it seems that measures which would help prevent falls are not being taken to a sufficient extent, bearing in mind how important fall prevention is for dealing with old age-related health issues. According to the latest medical expertise, falls can be effectively prevented if multi-disciplinary prevention programmes are implemented. These programmes consist of specially designed and varied exercises using machines and other equipment which help improve joint mobility and restore balance control. The aim to the study was to determine what impact exercises using a mini trampoline had on the functional capacity of a group of middle-aged subjects who participated in the study. Material and methods. The study was conducted at the KRUS “GRANIT” Farmers’ Rehabilitation Centre in Szklarska Poręba on a group of 80 persons aged 45-55 years (67% of them were women and 33% were men), who completed a mini trampoline exercise programme as part of a 21-day rehabilitation course. Before the subjects started the programme and after they completed it, basic somatic measurements were taken, tests were conducted in order to diagnose the subjects’ functional capacity and the subjective level of pain experienced by the subjects was measured using a pain rating scale (VAS). Results. It was found that the regular mini trampoline exercises had had an impact on the functional capacity of the subjects and the training had significantly reduced pain in the lumbar region of the spine.
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