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A case of urospermia in a stallion aged 10 years, coming from the Wielkopolska breed, has been described. The condition resulted in a low efficiency of the semen. Its first fractions were of yellow colour and, in the plasma, an increased level of urea (16.4 mml per 1 1) and creatinine (584 ummol per 1 1) were stated. The libido of the animal was normal; however, the quality of the semen was poor compared with the prior seasons.
Penile prolapse can be a result of trauma, administration of phenotiazine tranquilizers, habronemiasis, large tumours, neuropathies, equine infectious anemia, purpura hemmorrhagica, spinal cord lesions and infammation (EHV-1, rabies). Penile prolapse is often associated with paraphimosis or results from the relaxation of musculus retractor penis which is caused by senility, severe general debilitation or exhaustion and starvation. Prolonged prolapse can be confused with the penile paralysis or priapizm. This article presents the case of a seven-year-old stallion with irreversible changes in the penile resulting from the lack of veterinary care after trauma as well as general severe debilitation. The lesions involved the glans penis, the free part of the penis and the inner lamina of the preputial fold. Those structures could not be identified for they composed an ulcerative, granulomatous mass with areas of fibrosis which was limited by the fibrotic preputial ring. Considering the irreversible injury of the prolapsed penis and the horse’s inability to copulate or properly urinate, it was referred for phalectomy. In the presented case a direct complication after penile amputation was an abscess of corpus cavernosum penis. One month after surgery, impeded urination resulting from the narrowing of the urethra was observed. Then a plastic surgery of the urethra was performed. Examinations performed three and six months after urethroplasty revealed no disturbances in urination or protruding and retraction of the penile stump. Considering serious consequences that may occur after the penile prolapse, one should immediately provide proper medical treatment, which can help to avoid the development of irreversible changes in the prolapsed organ and preserve the stallion’s reproductive function.
295 ejaculates of 150 stallions of various breeds (full English, Great Polish, Hannower and Polish ponny) used for mating in 17 horse breeding centres in Poland were examined bacteriologically. More than 23% of ejaculates were contaminated with facultative pathogenic bacteria, mostly by Pseudomonas aeruginosa (10% of samples) sensitive to streptomycin (100%) and neomycin (8%). Sir. zooepidemicus was also isolated (9.5%), sensitive mostly to chloramphenicol (73%), penicillin (64%) and oxytetra- cycline (50% of strains).
A 10-year-old Silesian stallion was examined for unilateral scrotal swelling. Physical and ultrasound examinations revealed a painless enlarged right testis with a non-homogeneous echogenicity, when compared with the controlateral testis. Grossly, the excised testis was irregularly enlarged (23 × 15 ×15,5 cm) and firm and surgical biopsy revealed that the testicular parenchyma had been replaced by cohesive tissue. Histological examinations showed an apparent non-malicious tumor composed of cells with rippling courses of cytoplasm mixed with a few cells of smooth muscle. Testicular neurofibroma tumor was diagnosed on the basis of these findings.
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