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In Hymenolepis diminuta WMS "strain" tapeworms which were obtained 25 months after the administration to rats of 2-month old larvae - cysticercoids, isolated from Tribolium destructor, only one-sided position of genital pores (PGP) developed. The extended 7-month duration of the invasion of H. diminuta larvae stimulates the development of variable PGP already in 14.1 % of 2.5-month tapeworms. In tapeworms with exclusively one-sided PGP in the first of the two groups mentioned, the number of type 1p2a proglottids (1 testis on the poral side and 2 testes on the aporal side) as well as type 0p3a, 1p3a and 2p1a amounted to 88.2%, 5.5%, 4.2% and 0.5%, respectively and similary in the second group - 88.3%, 5.6%, 4.5% and 0.6%, respectively. In tapeworms with variable PGP the mean number of the types of proglottids mentioned was diflerent Crom (86.0%, 4.1 %, 3.8% and 4.1%, respectively) the same figure in tapeworms with one-sided PGP. Particularly high correlation was found to occur between the number of PGP variations and type 2p1a proglottids (r= +0.928, P<0.01).
Influence of such factors as temperature, pH, CO₂ level and oxidationreduktion potential value in the alimentary tract of host on the stimulation of invasive eggs was studied. Changes of these factors lead to change in permeability of inner layer of egg-shell. Then the hatching fluid is released and its enzymes digest the egg-shell. In the nematodes, which have the free-living larvae, the initiation process can depend on parasite or environmental agents.
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