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The article is devoted to the historical-linguistic analysis of the mikrotoponym Vygurivshchyna of Kyiv. The history of origin of all these historical local names, the motivation behind their names, their word-formation models, as well as the etymology of the name 'Vygurivshchyna are analysed.
Slavica Slovaca
tom 39
nr 2
The dictionary of Old-Lusatian types of local names is an essential component of the series of the forthcoming atlases which is part of the research project on the Slavonic onomastic atlas. The dictionary represents a substantial contribution to the knowledge of Old-Lusatian structural types of local names providing us with important data for comparative Slavonic onomastics.
Content available remote The landscape of the czech middle ages in the perspective of modern science
This article surveys research topics and questions in the discipline of historical geography in the Czech lands between the 13th and 15th century; the author addresses topics and questions currently under study as well as those suggested for the future. The author also discusses the wide reach of the subjekt matter, from the disciplines of history, archeology, toponymy and literary studies, art history, economic and social history, but also the natural sciences.
The article deals with the motivational and structural analysis of local names with the root brt-, or vcel- in Moravia and Silesia. The gathered local names were compared with the Slovak local names containing the root vcel-, which are recorded in the paper 'Vcelarske terminy vclin a ul v slovenskej toponymii' (The apicultural terms 'apiary' and 'beehive' in the Slovak toponymy) by J. R. Niznansky. The recorded local names with the root vcel- document the distribution of the beehive apiculture in the regions of Moravia, Silesia (cf. also the map No. 2) and Slovakia. The bee keeping in the facilities named brt (a cavernous tree used as a bee hive of forest bees) has not developed in Slovakia, contrary to Moravia and Silesia (cf. also the map No. 1), therefore the names with this root are totally missing.
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