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Автор провел критическую оценку разных методов фиксации и изолирования части рубца при руменотомии. Описаны методы подшивания стенок рубца к кoже применения клещей и разных рамок. Самым удобным для операции составом хирургических инструментов автор считает состав проф. Кульчицкого, который может быть применен в разных обстоятельствах. Автор описывает применение этого состава при руменотомии проводимой в случаях очень сильного выполнения рубца или пузырчатой ферментации рубца.
The author’s critical analysis of the various methods of the fixation and isolation of the fold of the rumen from the peritoneal cavity in the course of rumenotomy is given. Various methods are described: stitching of the wall of the rumen to the abdominal walls the use of pincers, forceps and various frames. According to the author the most convenient for this kind of treatment is the Kulczycki’s surgical set which can be applied also in various circumstances which accompany rumenotomy. A description is also presented of the use of the mentioned surgical set in the course of operations performed on the rumen excessively filled up and in case of vesicular bloating.
Content available Metabolizm lipidow w zwaczu
The sources of lipids and fatty acids in feeds for ruminants were specified. Digestion of lipids in ruminants is singular because of ruminal digestion. Rumen has a powerful lipase system, which is responsible for rapid hydrolysis of the dietary lipids to unesterified fatty acids. Then, they are hydrogenated by microbes to more saturated final products, mainly stearic acid. The consequences of increase in dietary lipids for structural carbohydrates and protein digestion are discussed.
Studies were performed in two stages on 5 sheep (aged 2-3 years and 45-55 kg body weight) from which samples of rumen content and continuous measurement of pH and temperature were taken by rumen canulae. In the first stage of the experiment the following parameters of rumen fermentation were studied: total gas production, methane and carbon dioxide levels, percentage composition of rumen gases, СО₂:СН₄ ratio, volatile fatty acids (VFA) level, fermentation efficiency and the NGGR factor. In the second stage of the experiment a constant pH and temperature measurement, in the rumen of sheep were conducted. The presented results suggest that our method may be helpful for clinical treatment and scientific investigations.
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