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2012 | 43 | 1 | 262-279
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GA based frequency controller for solar thermal–diesel–wind hybrid energy generation/energy storage system

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Wind, Solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power systems are emerging renewable energy technologies and can be developed as viable options for electricity generation in future. In this paper, autonomous hybrid generation systems consisting of wind turbine generators (WTGs), solar thermal power system (STPS), solar photovoltaic (PV), diesel engine generators (DEGs), fuel cells (FCs), battery energy storage system (BESS), flywheel (FW), ultra capacitors (UCs) and aqua electrolyzer (AE) have been considered for simulation studies. The power system frequency deviates for sudden changes in load or generation or the both. The comparative performance of the controllers installed to alleviate this frequency deviation for different hybrid systems, is carried out using time domain simulation. In practice, controllers (PI or PID) are tuned manually which is difficult and time consuming. The computational intelligence has opened paths to a new generation of advanced process control. Here, GA is used for optimization of controllers’ gains of the proposed hybrid systems. The simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the GA based controllers in terms of reduced settling time, overshoot and oscillations. The results are compared with conventional controllers.
Opis fizyczny
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