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2011 | z. 127 | 71-85
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Cracow Barometric Series as a Basis for Long-Term Air Pressure Research

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Monthly and annual series of air pressure in Cracow were produced on the basis of barometric measurements from 1792 to 2005. The site of measurements is reliably homogeneous. Each measurement by the mercury barometer was reduced to air temperature of °C, but a reduction to sea level was not applied, moreover each reading of the mercury position in the barometer was adjusted by a set of constant corrections: the instrumental one and adjustments for latitude and Earth's radius. The historical meteorological station of the Jagiellonian University is located at 220 meters a.s.l. A set of 13 Figures illustrates the time variability and fluctuations of the atmospheric pressure. The range of variability of the mean values can be very large, exceeding 25 hPa in winter months. Additionally, cases of particular changes within 3 and 24 hours have been presented according to data from 1951-2000. Rough criteria for distinguishing such changes allow to find out the most of extreme abrupt pressure drops and rises in wintertime. (original abstract)
Słowa kluczowe
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