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2018 | 25/2 | 183-202
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Tytuły w polskojęzycznych opisach przypadków medycznych - wstęp do badań

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Titles of medical case reports in Polish – a preliminary study
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While titles in scientific journals in general have attracted considerable interest, titles in medical research seem not to have been examined quite extensively. In these few studies, attention has been paid primarily to the form and length of titles as well as to their content. What is also emphasised is the need for discussion and further research on the topic in order to establish consistent guidelines regarding the formulation of clear and precise titles, which would aid journal editors, authors and readers. This paper constitutes an attempt to examine practices of formulating titles in medical case reports in Polish, following the study of F. Salager-Meyer et al. (2013a), in which title length, structure and content were considered as well.
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Opis fizyczny
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