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2014 | Vol. 66, nr 4 | 217--244
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Vibration analysis of single-walled carbon nanotubes conveying nanoflow embedded in a viscoelastic medium using modified nonlocal beam model

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In this study, the vibration and stability analysis of a single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) coveying nanoflow embedded in biological soft tissue are performed. The effects of nano-size of both fluid flow and nanotube are considered, simultaneously. Nonlocal beam model is used to investigate flow-induced vibration of the SWCNT while the small-size effects on the flow field are formulated through a Knudsen number (Kn), as a discriminant parameter. Pursuant to the viscoelastic behavior of biological soft tissues, the SWCNT is assumed to be embedded in a Kelvin–Voigt foundation. Hamilton’s principle is applied to the energy expressions to obtain the higher-order governing differential equations of motion and the corresponding higher-order boundary conditions. The differential transformation method (DTM) is employed to solve the differential equations of motion. The effects of main parameters including Kn, nonlocal parameter and mechanical behaviors of the surrounding biological medium on the vibrational properties of the SWCNT are examined.

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