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2008 | Vol. 11 | 225-239
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Sounds in space: the potential uses for acoustics in the exploration of other worlds

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This paper examines the past and future uses for acoustics in space research. Whilst on the larger scales in some topic areas, acoustical models have proved to be useful in extraterrestrial research, in other areas there has been not so much use made of acoustical techniques. One particular area where greater use might be made of acoustical sensors is in the deployment of acoustical sensors on probes sent out to other moons and planets. This is surprising given that acoustical sensors deliver benefits that are particularly useful for planetary probes, in terms of weight, bandwidth, ruggedness and cost. Whilst geoacoustical data could be obtained from many bodies, those which contain a dense atmosphere or an ocean offer intriguing additional possibilities. Examples from Mars, Venus, Titan, Enceladus and Europa will be discussed.
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