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2008 | Vol. 55, nr 3-4 | 125-143
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Experimental Analysis of Relations Between Coherent Turbulent Structures and Formation of Bedforms

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The present paper describes an experimental investigation on the interactions between flow turbulence and sediment motion. During the experiments, detailed measurements of flow velocity components were carried out using an Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV). The occurrence of turbulent events (inward interaction, ejection, sweep and burst) was verified through conditioned quadrant analysis. The quantitative information on the spatial and temporal evolution of turbulent events was obtained through space-time correlations of the conditioned data. As the primary objective was to analyse how turbulent structures influence formation of bedforms, the spatial scale of turbulent event evolution has been compared with the wavelength of bed-forms (alternate bars) observed on the bed. The analysis has essentially highlighted that such spatial scale compares well with the wavelength of the bars.

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