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2004 | Vol. 23 | 27-34
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Evolution of St. Laurent Mountain near Chełmno based on luminescence dating

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Luminescence dating was applied in the studies on the evolution of the St. Laurent Mountain in Kałdus (Lower Vistula Valley, Poland), where archaeological excavation revealed a settlement sequence. The core of the hill is constituted by eolian sands which formed the dune. Above them there is a sequence of deposits consisting of three levels of the silty sand anthropogenic deposits separated by top eolian cover and a layer of the burnt material. Three samples from the eolian base and one from the eolian cover were taken for luminescence analysis. The absolute age was established by a comparison of TL and OSL results. The basement of the St. Laurent Mountain (till and ablation sands) was created by a receding glacier during or short after the last glacial period. It suggests the age limit for the dune not older than 18,000 years. Luminescence dating indicates, that the dune formation was initiated in Pleniglacial just after deglaciation, ca. 16,500 years ago and the top eolian cover was established in Neolithic Age, between 6000 and 8000 years ago. Numerous archaeological findings from the upper part of the mountain and C-14 dates of the burnt material provided data for reconstruction of the last phase of this formation.

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