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2014 | Vol. 66, nr 4 | 287--301
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Cross-properties of the effective conductivity of the regular array of ideal conductors

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We present an accurate expression for the effective conductivity of a regular square-lattice arrangement of ideally conducting cylinders, valid for arbitrary concentrations. The formula smoothly interpolates between the two asymptotic expressions derived for low and high concentrations of the cylinders. Analogy with critical phenomena is suggested and taken to the extent of calculating the superconductivity critical exponent and the particle-phase threshold from the very long expansions in concentration. The obtained formula is valid for all concentrations including touching cylinders, hence it completely solves with high accuracy the problem of the effective conductivity for the square array.
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  • Department of Computer Sciences and Computer Methods Pedagogical University ul. Podchorążych 2 30-084 Kraków, Poland,
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