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2016 | Vol. 23, No. 4 | 535--540
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Data exchange in a tachograph system as the element of the cybersecurity of the modern car

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A numerous flows of data in the modern vehicle are necessary to maintain the complexity of systems included on-board. Unfortunately, along with the increase of the road security and many useful facilities there are arising vulnerabilities coming from cyberattacks and reliability of the communication systems. Because many components are based on highly advanced E/E technology, the security measures known from IT are more and more important. The data encryption mechanisms, used in IT for memory content and data transfer protection, are getting important in automotive. In the paper there are presented considerations connected with the cybersecurity of the vehicle, as a part of the transportation system, as well as the effect of the process of the production. In the article authors focused on the encryption of the communication between the tachograph device and the motion sensor. The normal operation of the interface tachograph-sensor follows the operation of pairing based on authentication and identification services. The pairing operation takes place in an authorized workshop and its goal is to check the legality of devices paired, and the so-called establishment of the session key, which contains encryption keys used for 3DES encryption. The description of data encryption for the motion sensor, presented in the article, is the example of the bunch of solutions required for the modern vehicle.

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