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2011 | Vol. 59, no 2 | 115--119
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Solution to a Problem of Lubelski and an Improvement of a Theorem of His

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The paper consists of two parts, both related to problems of Lubelski, but unrelated otherwise. Theorem 1 enumerates for a=1,2 the finitely many positive integers D such that every odd positive integer L that divides x2+Dy2 for (x,y)=1 has the property that either L or 2aL is properly represented by x2+Dy2. Theorem 2 asserts the following property of finite extensions k of Q: if a polynomial f∈k[x] for almost all prime ideals p of k has modulo p at least v linear factors, counting multiplicities, then either f is divisible by a product of v+1 factors from k[x]∖k, or f is a product of v linear factors from k[x].

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