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2008 | 54 | 2 | 67-78
Tytuł artykułu

Korytarze i lacznosc siedlisk w ekologii i ochronie przyrody

Warianty tytułu
Corridors and habitat connectivity in the ecology and nature conservation
Języki publikacji
I reviewed the concepts of corridor and habitat connectivity in ecology and their application in the nature conservation. Both concepts have long history and multiple meanings (e.g. corridor: ecological, habitat or dispersion; connectivity: ecological, landscape, hydrological etc). The theory of corridor is strongly linked to landscape ecology, while connectivity or permeability - to metapopulation analysis. While functional effectiveness of corridors is often criticized, they are widely used to mitigate negative effects of habitat fragmentation on dispersion of organisms and biodiversity. The connectivity is being viewed structurally or functionally and is incorporated in population risk assessment, commonly used to evaluate management options for species and habitats.
Opis fizyczny
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