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2003 | 06 | 2 |
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Effects of soy protein, whey powder and wheat gluten on quality characterictics of cooked beef sausages formulated with 5, 10 and 20 percentage fat

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In this study the effects of fat level (5%, 10% and 20%) and soy protein (SP), whey powder (WP) or wheat gluten (WG) on binding properties, color, textural and sensory characteristics of cooked beef sausages were evaluated. Fat reduction decreased emulsion stability and water holding capacity (WHC) and resulted in higher cooking losses. Addition of SP, WP and WG increased WHC and emulsion stability (ES). The most effective additive on WHC and ES was SP. Reduced fat products were darker compared with 20% fat controls, adding fat replacers increased inside yellowness value. Fat level had no effect on shear force values, WP and WG reduced shear force values regardless of the fat level. Fat replaces resulted in no detrimental effects on sensory characteristics in low fat sausages.
Opis fizyczny
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