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2003 | 06 | 2 |
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The influence of different factors on syneresis of rennet curd obtained from ewe's milk

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Different factors affecting syneresis of rennet curd, made from ewe’s milk, were examined. The experimental factors were: pasteurisation, temperature and pH of milk, curd firmness, curd temperature and rate of curd temperature rise, time (after renneting). Also the effect of above mentioned factors on dry matter content, yield and texture of fresh cheeses was established. It was concluded that syneresis of pasteurised milk curd was lower in comparison to syneresis of raw milk curd. Temperature and milk pH, curd temperature and rate of curd temperature rise, time of measurement influenced significantly syneresis from rennet curd. The pasteurisation and pH of milk influenced the yield, texture and dry matter content of fresh cheeses.
Opis fizyczny
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