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2002 | 44 |
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In vitro culture techniques in conservation of Rubus chamaemorus L.

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The study evaluated two methods of conserving Rubus chamaemorus L. shoot cultures: medium-cold storage and encapsulation of shoot buds. Cold-stored explants were transferred every 12 weeks to proliferation medium and their multiplication rate was observed after the first passage. Shoot cultures stored at 4°C under low light intensities for 12 months without intervening subculture survived with 90% viability. Axillary buds obtained from in vitro shoot culture of cloudberry were encapsulated in calcium alginate hydrogel. Regrowth response of encapsulated buds was estimated. Encapsulated buds stored at low temperature in the dark survived for up to 3 months without loss of viability. The fidelity of subcultured plantlets was also evaluated by phytochemical analysis (fingerprinting) of some phenolic compounds and morphological observations. Preliminary trials in the botanical garden showed that plantlets of Rubus chamaemorus derived in vitro can be used for ex situ germplasm conservation.
Opis fizyczny
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