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2003 | 05 | 1 |
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A taxonomic reassessment of Kerivoula lenis Thomas, 1916 (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) including a first record from peninsular India

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In January 2002, a specimen of Kerivoula lenis was collected in Tirunelveli District, southern Tamil Nadu, India. It represents a range extension of over 1950 km. This is the first record of the taxon since its original description from Calcutta in 1916. The taxonomic status of K. lenis is reassessed. It is compared for the first time with K. papillosa and K. flora and more briefly with the nine other species of Kerivoula currently recognised in Asia.
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  • Department of Zoology, Sarah Tucker College, Tirunelveli — 627 007 Tamil Nadu, India
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