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2011 | 14 | 3 |
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Myocardial bridges in domestic pig - morphological aspects

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The morphology of myocardial bridges (MB) in the heart of the domestic pig remain an open issue. Despite numerous analyses of the subject, many controversies still exist. Opinions also differ when the influence of the MB on haemodynamic processes in the coronal vessel system is concerned. In the examined group of 150 domestic pig's hearts, the length of the detected MB varied from 1.8 to 39.7 mm while their thickness amounted to 0.8 - 4.7 mm. Both the longest and the thickest bridges were connected with the posterior interventricular branch. It was noticed that the MB muscle bands cross the long axis of the vessels located in the grooves mostly at almost a right angle. Three forms of perivascular space were educed using the criterion of the distance of the vessel from the surrounding muscularis externa.
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