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2011 | 61 | 3 |
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Jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae) from Southern Nigeria

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Seventy three species of jumping spiders are listed from Nigeria in this paper. Among these, the following 26 species are described as new to science: Aelurillus jocquei sp. nov. (♂ ♀), Ajaraneola mastigophora sp. nov. (♂ ♀), Brancus occidentalis sp. nov. (♂), Evarcha grandis sp. nov. (♀), Evarcha idanrensis sp. nov. (♀), Habrocestum personatum sp. nov. (♀), Hyllus remotus sp. nov. (♀), Ictus olokomei sp. nov. (♀),Langelurillus quadrimaculatus sp. nov. (♂ ♀), Menemerus nigeriensis sp. nov. (♂), Neaetha maxima sp. nov. (♀), Pachyballus oyo sp. nov. (♂ ♀), Schenkelia ibadanensis sp. nov. (♂), Stenaelurillus glaber sp. nov. (♂), Stenaelurillus iubatus sp. nov. (♂ ♀), Stenaelurillus pilosus sp. nov. (♂ ♀), Stenaelurillus striolatus sp. nov. (♂), Thiratoscirtus alveolus sp. nov. (♀), Thiratoscirtus bipaniculus sp. nov. (♀), Thiratoscirtus gambari sp. nov. (♂ ♀), Thiratoscirtus harpago sp. nov. (♂), Thiratoscirtus mirabilis sp. nov. (♂ ♀), Thiratoscirtus monstrum sp. nov. (♀), Thiratoscirtus obudu sp. nov. (♂), Thiratoscirtus vilis sp. nov. (♀) and Thiratoscirtus yorubanus sp. nov. (♂). A new species of Baryphas is described but not formally named here. One new genus, Ajaraneola gen. nov. is described and diagnosed. The female sex of Evarcha bakorensis, Heliophanus robustus, Phlegra gagnoa and Thyene hesperia is described for the first time. Brancus bevisi Lessert, 1925 is proposed as a junior synonym of Brancus muticus Simon, 1902. Two new combinations are proposed, Vidria besanconi Berland & Millot, 1941 and Vidria fuscimana Simon, 1903 are transferred to the genus Brancus. Baryphas albicinctus Berland & Millot, 1941 is removed from synonymy with B. jullieni Simon, 1902. Mithion hesperius Simon, 1910 is removed from synonymy with Modunda aperta Peckham et Peckham, 1903 and transferred to the genus Thyene. The composition of the salticid fauna of this region of West Africa is discussed and compared to that of other regions of Africa.
Opis fizyczny
  • Institute of Zoology, Wroclaw University, Sienkiewicza 21, 50-335 Wroclaw, Poland
  • 1 Bailiffs Cottage, Doddington, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 0JU, U.K.
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