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2012 | 34 | 1 | 41-48
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Biomechanical analysis of anticipation of elite and inexperienced goalkeepers to distance shots in handball

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the anticipation time and kinematic factors in the movement of goalkeepers’ center of mass when making a long-distance throw in handball. The sample group was composed of 14 goalkeepers and field players. A force platform was used to measure the force of the goalkeepers’ reaction movements, while the throwers’ movements were recorded with high-speed cameras. The expert goalkeepers began to move 193 ± 67 ms before the ball was released, with a 67% success rate of interception. The inexperienced goalkeepers began their movement 209 ± 127 ms with a 24% success rate. The time taken by expert goalkeepers to begin a vertical movement of their CM, relative to the moment of the ball’s release, was less than the time taken by inexperienced goalkeepers (77 ± 70 vs. 141 ± 108 ms respectively). The analysis of the velocity and movement indicates that expert goalkeepers wait longer before moving than do inexperienced goalkeepers.
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  • Faculty of Sports Sciences, University of Granada, Spain,
  • Faculty of Sports Sciences, University of Granada, Spain
  • Faculty of Education Sciences, University of Seville, Spain
  • Faculty of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, University of Valencia, Spain
  • Faculty of Education Sciences, University of Jaen, Spain
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