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2010 | 82 | 2 | 95-100
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Adrenal Metastases

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The aim of the study was an retrospective assessment of adrenal metastases based on the analysis of patients operated on in three surgical institutions between 2001 and 2005.Material and methods. Between 2001 and 2005 169 patients (106 females and 63 males) were treated due to adrenal tumors. The age of patients ranged between 25 and 82 years (mean 55.4± 11.8 years). All patients were routinely diagnosed by means of ultrasound, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging and hormonal tests such as cortisol, chromogranine A, aldosterone and natrium, potassium concentrations. Patients were surgically managed after preparation dependent on general status, tumor type and concomitant diseases. Operations were carried out using classic techniques via lumbar approach in 146 cases (86.4%) or videoscopic techniques via retroperitoneal or transperitoneal approaches (13.6%).Results. In 143 cases (84.6%) benign tumors and in 26 (15.4%)-malignant lesions were diagnosed. 16 (9.5% of all cases and 61.5% of malignant tumors) were secondary- metastases form various cancers treated previously. Adrenal metastases occurred most often in the 7th decade (43.7%), and primary site was clear cell carcinoma of the kidney (9 cases - 56.25%) and non-small cell lung cancer (4 - 25%), melanoma (2 cases - 12.5%) and rectal cancer (1 - 6.25%). During the follow-up of 1-5 years (mean 3.1 years) 12 patients died of metastatic tumors - 6 with multiple metastases and 6 with solitary adrenal metastasis. 4 patients are still alive with metastatic deposits in the adrenal glands (at the moment of adrenalectomy) - 3 with metastatic renal cancer (currently 2 without other metastases) and 1 with disseminated lung cancer.Conclusions. 1. Adrenal metastases are the most frequent malignant tumors of these glands. 2. Metastatic tumors occur most often during the 6th and 7th decades. 3. Results of treatment are not satisfactory and dependent on the extent of spread.
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  • Department of General and Oncological Surgery, Medical University in Łódź
  • Department of Surgery, Ministry of Internal Affairs' Hospital in Łódź
  • Department of Thoracic and General Surgery and Surgical Oncology, Medical University in Łódź
  • Department of Endocrine and General Surgery, Medical University in Łódź
  • Department of General and Oncological Surgery, Medical University in Łódź
  • Department of Endocrine and General Surgery, Medical University in Łódź
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