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2007 | 79 | 12 | 746-752
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Early Results of Open Fasciotomy as a Treatment of Dupuytren's Disease in Elderly Patients

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The demand for treatment of Dupuytren's disease by a procedure of limited invasiveness and quick recovery is increasing in accordance with aging of the Polish population. Such a demand is fulfilled by different types of fasciotomy (open, percutaneous needle fasciotomy).The aim of the study was to asses the early results of the open fasciotomy in elderly patients.Material and methods. We treated 38 patients (61 fingers) whose mean age was 72 (SD 12) by open fasciotomy; 43 fingers presented stage III Tubiana contracture, 18 stage IV. The pre-operative total passive extension deficit was 123° (78° for stage III group, 111° for stage IV group). All the procedures were performed in outpatient setting. Patients used splint for 5 days, then performed finger - extension exercises and were encouraged to use their hands normally after 1 week.Results. The evaluation of the results was performed 4 weeks post-op. The greatest improvement in both of the groups was noted in MCP joint - 80% and in PIP joint - 48%, this difference is statistically significant. The general improvement ratio was 76%, greater in stage III group - 82% whereas in stage IV group 69%, but this difference was not statistically significant. All of the wounds healed up to 3 weeks, no complications were observed.Conclusion. The open fasciotomy is a recommendable short term treatment in patients of advanced age, suffering from stage III and stage IV of Dupuytren's disease.
Opis fizyczny
  • Subdepartment of Replantation of Limbs, St Hedwig's Hospital, Trzebnica
  • Subdepartment of Replantation of Limbs, St Hedwig's Hospital, Trzebnica
  • Subdepartment of Replantation of Limbs, St Hedwig's Hospital, Trzebnica
  • Subdepartment of Replantation of Limbs, St Hedwig's Hospital, Trzebnica
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