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2014 | 16 | 1 | 7-14
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Simultaneous thermodynamic simulation of CNG filling process

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In CNG station, the fuel is usually stored in the cascade storage bank to utilize the station more efficiently. The cascade storage bank is generally divided into three reservoirs, commonly termed low, medium and high-pressure storage bank. The pressures within these reservoirs have huge effects on the performance of the stations. In the current study, a theoretical simulation based on mass balance and thermodynamic laws has been developed to study the dynamic fast fi lling process of vehicle’s (NGV) cylinder from the cascade storage bank. The dynamic change of the parameters within the storage bank is also considered. Natural gas is assumed to contain only its major component, methane, and so thermodynamic properties table has been employed for finding the thermodynamics properties. Also the system is assumed as a lumped adiabatic system. The results show that the initial pressure of the cascade storage bank has a big effect on the storage bank volumes for bringing up the NGV cylinder to its target pressure (200 bar). The results also showed that ambient temperature has effect on the refueling process, chiefly the final NGV cylinder and the cascade storage bank conditions

Opis fizyczny
  • Islamic Azad University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shahrood Branch, Shahrood, Iran,
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Shahrood Branch, Shahrood, Iran
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Damghan Branch, Damghan, Iran
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