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2014 | 10 | 1 |
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Pulmonary arterovenous malformation causing hemothorax in a pregnant woman without Osler- Weber-Rendu syndrome

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Pulmonary arteriovenous malformations (PAVMs), although most commonly congenital, are usually detected later in life. Case report: We present a case of a 19-year-old woman with no previous history of AVM or telangiectasia, who presented dyspnea and hypoxia by massive left hemothorax in the 34th week of gestation. After emergent cesarean delivery, a chest computed tomography (CT) with i.v. contrast showed a likely 3 cm area of active contrast in left lower lung. Chest tube placement revealed about 2 liters of blood. The patient was subsequently found to have pulmonary AVM. A successful embolisation of AVM followed by lung atipic resection involving AVM and decortication for lung re-expansion were the treatments provided. Conclusions: Women with known pulmonary AVM should be maximally treated prior to becoming pregnant, and the physician should be alert to complications of pulmonary AVM during pregnancy.

Opis fizyczny
  • Department of
    Medicine and Surgery, University of Salerno, Baronissi Campus, Via
    S. Allende, 84081 Baronissi, Salerno, Italy
  • Department of Medicine,
    Thoracic Surgery Unit, University of Salerno, Italy
  • Department of Medicine, Section of Respiratory
    Disease, University of Salerno, Italy
  • Department of Medicine and Surgery, Pathology Unit,
    University of Salerno, Italy
  • Department of Medicine,
    Thoracic Surgery Unit, University of Salerno, Italy
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