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Content available remote On Unitary Analogue of f_g-perfect numbers and Ψ_s-perfect numbers
In this paper unitary analogue of f_g-Perfect numbers and some properties of Dedekind's function and all the Ψ-perfect numbers have been discussed.
Content available remote Unified elliptic-type integrals and asymptotic formulas
The object of the present paper is to consider a unified and extended form of certain families of elliptic-type integrals, which have been discussed in number of earlier works on the subject due to their importance and applications in problems arising in radiation physics and nuclear technology. The results obtained are of general character and include the investigations carried out by several authors. We obtain asymptotic formulas for the unified elliptic-type integrals.
Reactions of vanadiumoxytrichloride, VOCl3, with ammonium salts of O,O'-alkylenedithiophosphoric acid, [OGOPS2NH4], in 1:3 molar ratio resulted in less common seven coordinated complexes of the type [VO(S2POGO)3] and the reactions of 2-chloro-2-oxo-1,3-dioxavanadacyclopentane and -vanadacyclohexane, [OG'OVOCl] (whereG' = -CH2CH2- or -CH2CH2CH2-), in equimolar ratio yielded compounds corresponding to [OG'OVOS2POGO] (where G = -CMe2CMe2-, -CH2CMe2CH2- or -CH2CEt2CH2-). These complexes have been characterized by elemental analyses, molecular weight determination and spectral studies like IR and NMR (1H, 13C and 31P), which indicate bidentate linkages of dithiophosphate moieties leading to pentagonal bipyramidal and square bipyramidal geometry around the vanadium(V) atom.
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