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Content available remote Some convergence results for nonlinear singular integral operators
In this paper, we establish some pointwise convergence results for a family of certain nonlinear singular integral operators Tλf of the form (...), acting on functions with bounded (Jordan) variation on an interval [a, b] as λ→λ0. Here, the kernels (...) satisfy some suitable singularity assumptions. We remark that the present study is a continuation and extension of the study of pointwise approximation of the family of nonlinear singular integral operators (1) begun in [18].
Content available remote Rotative mappings in metric spaces of hyperbolic type
The aim of this paper is to give some conditions providing existence of fixed points for k-lipschitzian and uniformly k-lipschitzian mappings which are n-rotative with n ≥ 2 in complete metric spaces of hyperbolic type.
Content available remote On bounded solutions of second order systems
We prove existence and uniqueness of bounded solutions of u"+f(t, u) = 0, u(0) = x on [0,infinity) under quasimonotonicity and one-sided Lipschitz conditions on f.
The problem of time-optimal control of linear hyperbolic systems is equivalent to the computation of the root of the optimal value function of a time-parametric program, whose feasible set is described by a countable system of moment equations. To compute this root, discretized problems with a finite number of equality constraints can be used. In this paper, we show that on a certain time-interval, the optimal value functions of the discretized problems converge uniformly to the optimal value function of the original problem. We also give sufficient conditions fot Lipschitz and Hoelder continuity of the optimal value function of the original problem.
Content available remote On random Lipschitz condition and its application in approximation theory
There are estimated moduli of continuity of functions satisfying Lipschitz condition with random exponents both in the sense of convergence in probability and convergence in mean. The results are applied to extend Jackson's direct approximation theorem to the case of Lipschitz condition with a random exponent.
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