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Content available remote Distortion theorems in the class Kn(D)
This article presents the analysis of properties of functions belonging to the class Kn(D) earlier introduced by the author. This is a class of functions analytical in the domain D, for which the n-th divided difference [F; zo, . . . , zn] [...]consisting of functions univalent in the domain D is obtained. The subclass Kn(E), formed by functions F(z) = zn + an+izn+1 + .... analytical in a unit circle E is separated from class Kn(D) and its properties are considered. The author touches classical and at the same time urgent questions, arising at the study of analytical functions, belonging to some class.
The Work Package 7 (WP7) is oriented to application of results obtained from GPS permanent and epoch observation in the Central European region for geo-kinematical and geodynamical purposes. The input values for WP7 analyses will be the 3D velocity field and its covariance matrix. It is expected that the velocities of monitored points (the horizontal components and height component) will represent the kinematical behaviour of individual sites at the millimetre level. The velocity field will be then transformed to the strain field describing the neo-tectonic character of the territory. The transformation has to consider all stochastic parameters of the input information to obtain confidence intervals for all relevant characteristics which are interest for geophysical and geological studies. The final information will be visualized in the form of geo-kinematical maps describing the geometrically derived information about lithosphere deformations completed by geophysical and geological information.
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