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The intermittent flow (slug and plug type) of liquid–gas mixtures in a horizontal pipeline measured by the specific radiometric apparatus is presented. The measurement system consists of two sources of Am-241 gamma radiation and two scintillation probes. An analysis of the signals measured by the radiometric equipment is performed in the domain of time and of frequency. Recognised signal parameters are directly referred to physical quantities associated with a liquid–gas flow. The employed methodology enables determination of gas-phase flow velocity and estimation of the average depth and length of bubble gas structures. In the paper, the processing and interpretation results of the selected experiment are presented to show the in-depth description of gas structures and the type of flows recognition.
Content available remote Hydrodynamics of the gas-liquid flow in the pipe bend
This paper presents two phase air-oil flow in pipe bend with tube inside diameter D = 0.016 m, curvature radius R = 0.11 in and angle 0 = 180[degrees]. The mixture of gas-liquid flowed upwards and downwards across the bend. In the paper upflow and downflow in pipe bend are compared. As a result, flow patterns formed in pipe bend are determined as well as determined void fractions of gas phase.
In the paper presented has been a modified semi empirical correlation of Mikielewicz [7] enabling calculations of heat transfer coefficient in flow boiling in small diameter channels. The changes were of qualitative character as the entirely new data bank of experimental data points has been collected to devise a new form of correlation applicable to small diameter channels. The fluids considered were: R141b, R12 and R11 and the total number of experimental point considered amounted to over 210. The correction incorporates the surface tension effects into the two-phase flow multiplier as well as the convective number was amended. The use of correlation is very simple on account of its analytical form, which is its fundamental advantage. It is of general character, and its coefficients do not depend on the type of fluid. Comparisons with experimental data show good agreement.
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