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Content available remote Weakly idempotent lattices and bilattices, non-idempotent Plonka functions
In this paper, we study weakly idempotent lattices with an additional interlaced operation. We characterize interlacity of a weakly idempotent semilattice operation, using the concept of hyperidentity and prove that a weakly idempotent bilattice with an interlaced operation is epimorphic to the superproduct with negation of two equal lattices. In the last part of the paper, we introduce the concepts of a non-idempotent Plonka function and the weakly Plonka sum and extend the main result for algebras with the well known Plonka function to the algebras with the non-idempotent Plonka function. As a consequence, we characterize the hyperidentities of the variety of weakly idempotent lattices, using non-idempotent Plonka functions, weakly Plonka sums and characterization of cardinality of the sets of operations of subdirectly irreducible algebras with hyperidentities of the variety of weakly idempotent lattices. Applications of weakly idempotent bilattices in multi-valued logic is to appear.
Content available remote Subdirect product representations of some unary extensions of semilattices
An algebra [...] represents the sequence so = (0, 3, l, l, . . .) if there are no constants in [...], there are exactly 3 distinct essentially unary polynomials in [...] and exactly l essentially n-ary polynomial in [...] for every n > l . It was proved in [4] that an algebra [..] represents the sequence so if and only if it is clone equivalent to a generic of one of three varieties V1, V2, V3, see Section l of [4]. Moreover, some representations of algebras from these varieties by means of semilattice ordered systems of algebras were given in [4] . In this paper we give another, by subdirect products, representation of algebras from V1, V2, V3. Moreover, we describe all subdirectly irreducible algebras from these varieties and we show that if an algebra [...] represents the sequence so, then it must be of cardinality at least 4.
Content available remote Characterizations of posets via weak states
Weak states on posets are defined which are in some analogy to states on orthomodular posets used in axiomatic quantum mechanics. It is shown how certain properties of the set of weak states characterize certain properties of the underlying poset.
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