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Content available remote On algebras of bounded continuous functions valued in a topological algebra
Let X be a completely regular space. We denote by C(X,A) the locally convex algebra of all continuous functions on X valued in a locally convex algebra A with a unit e. Let Cb(X,A) be its subalgebra consisting of all bounded continuous functions and endowed with the topology given by the uniform seminorms of A on X. It is clear that A can be seen as the subalgebra of the constant functions of Cb(X,A). We prove that if A is a Q-algebra, that is, if the set G(A) of the invertible elements of A is open, or a Q-álgebra with a stronger topology, then the same is true for Cb(X,A).
Content available remote Maximal ideal space of certain α-Lipschitz operator algebras
In a recent paper by A. Ebadian and A.A. Shokri [1], a α-Lipschitz operator from a compact metric space X into a unital bounded commutative Banach algebra B is defined. Let (X,d) be a nonempty compact metric space, 0<α≤1 and (B, || . ||) be a unital bounded commutative Banach algebra. Let Lipα(X,B) be the algebra of all bounded continuous operators ƒ: X → B such that [formula/wzor]. In this work, we characterize the maximal ideal space of Lipα(X,B).
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