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Selected research polygon is located in Trzebinia commune in the mid of the 80 km way from Kraków to Katowice (the Upper Silesia capital). The towns of Trzebinia, Chrzanów within the towns of Krzeszowice, Jaworzno, Mysłowice, have been creating a base of well-connected Kraków-Upper Silesia agglomeration. The inhabitants of Trzebinia commune are flexible on labour market, often commute to work in Kraków or Katowice. They have detached houses with gardens of one or two acres size, where "home-made", fresh, low-processed food could be produced. At the same time the area of Trzebinia Community belongs to Chrzanów geochemical anomaly, which is reflected in high values of cadmium, lead and zinc contents in the soils. This is the result of both natural and anthropogenic factors. The purpose of the paper was to evaluate lead and iron contents in roots and leaves of parsley being cultivated within the area of the anomaly. Considering, there is a positive geochemical anomaly, the lead contents in soil were low - the average value was 88.67 mg kg -1 d.m. and only two contents -218.98 and 119.35 exceeded 100 mg kg -1 d.m. On the other hand the lead contents in parsley roots were high, many times higher than the allowable values. The lead contents in parsley leaves were also high. Phytoaccumulation indices low, only one had the average value, but at their minimal range (1.02 and 10.3 adequately for leaves and roots). Translocation index of lead was close to one. The iron contents in soils were not high and fall within the scope of low and average ranges that occur in Polish soils. The iron contents in leaves were high, attractive from nutrition point of view.
Present paper deals with a brief review of the research carried out to develop multi-parametric gas-geochemical monitoring facilities dedicated to earthquake prediction research in India by installing a network of seismo-geochemical monitoring observatories at different regions of the country. In an attempt to detect earthquake precursors, the concentrations of helium, argon, nitrogen, methane, radon-222 (222Rn), polonium-218 (218Po), and polonium-214 (214Po) emanating from hydrothermal systems are monitored continuously and round the clock at these observatories. In this paper, we make a cross correlation study of a number of geochemical anomalies recorded at these observatories. With the data received from each of the above observatories we attempt to make a time series analysis to relate magnitude and epicentral distance locations through statistical methods, empirical formulations that relate the area of influence to earthquake scale. Application of the linear and nonlinear statistical techniques in the recorded geochemical data sets reveal a clear signature of long-range correlation in the data sets.
W artykule przedstawiono wyniki badań zawartości kadmu (Cd), ołowiu (Pb) i cynku (Zn) w glebach pobranych przy autostradzie A-4 Katowice - Kraków. Stwierdzono, że koncentracje metali mają związek z występowaniem na badanym obszarze dodatniej anomalii geochemicznej zawartości Cd, Pb i Zn w glebach oraz alkalizacją gleb znajdujących się w bezpośrednim sąsiedztwie autostrady. Pierwotnie naturalne gleby występujące w bezpośredniej bliskości autostrady stopniowo ulegają alkalizacji, intensywniej kumulując metale ciężkie pochodzące z różnorodnych źródeł zanieczyszczeń.
The results the examination of cadmium, zinc and lead contents in soils taken by motorway A 4 Katowice - Cracow are presented in this paper. It was found that metals concentrations are related to positive geochemical anomaly of Cd, Pb and /n m soil and the increase of pH value of soil situated near the surface of the motorway. Primary natural soils which occur in the close distance from the motorway undergo gradual alkalization process cumulating heavy metals coming from various contamination sources.
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