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In this paper, we present a new optimization method based on a new class of functions, namely generalized polynomials (GPs) for solving linear and nonlinear fractional differential equations (FDEs). In the proposed method, the solution of the problem under study is expanded in terms of the GPs with fixed coefficients, free coefficients and control parameters. The initial conditions are employed to compute the fixed coefficients. The residual function and its ǁ.ǁ2 are employed for converting the problem under consideration to an optimization one and then choosing the unknown free coefficients and control parameters optimally. As a useful result, the necessary conditions of optimality are derived as a system of nonlinear algebraic equations with unknown free coefficients and control parameters. The validity and accuracy of the approach are illustrated by some numerical examples. The obtained results show that the proposed method is very efficient and accurate.
Content available remote Polynomials in additive functions and generalized polynomials
We consider polynomials P in additive functions g1,... , gm and present two approaches for a characterization of those generalized polynomials p, which may be represented as p = P o (g1,..., gm). Under rather general assumptions on the domains of the gi and of P, one of the approaches is based on certain properties of subspaces generated by translates of p. The other approach utilizes the fact, that every p is the diagonalization of an associated multi-Jensen function.
In this paper we prove basic results in the approximation of vector-valued functions by polynomials with coefficients in normed spaces, called generalized polynomials. Thus we obtain : estimates in terms of Ditzian-Totik Lp-moduli of smoothness for approximation by Bernstein-Kantorovich generalized polynomials and by other kinds of operators like the Szasz-Mirakian operators, Baskakov operators, Post-Widder operators and their Kantorovich analogues and inverse theorems for these operators. Applications to approximation of random functions and of fuzzy-number-valued functions are given.
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