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In a person identification or verification, the prime interest is not in recognizing the words but determining who is speaking the words. In systems of person identification, a test of signal from an unknown speaker is compared to all known speaker signals in the set. The signal that has the maximum probability is identified as the unknown speaker. In security systems based on person identification and verification, faultless identification has huge meaning for safety. In systems of person verification, a test of signal from a known speaker is compared to recorded signals in the set, connected with a known tested persons label. There are more than one recorded signals for every user in the set. In aim of increasing safety, in this work it was proposed own approach to person verification, based on independent speech and facial asymmetry. Extraction of the audio features of person's speech is done using mechanism of cepstral speech analysis. The idea of improvement of effectiveness of face recognition technique was based on processing information regarding face asymmetry in the most informative parts of the face the eyes region.
In modern biometric applications as well as in applications from the range of advanced artificial intelligence and psychology, quantitative "measuring" of information with the traits of facial asymmetry and its proper interpretation was initiated; the aims may be authentication/identification of a user and/or defining cognitive-mental personnel types in terms of psychological-social context. In the work, the result of novel supposition and experiment in direction of algorithmization of indispensable procedures of the above mentioned approach provides: 1) finding the "truthful" vertical facial axis projection on the base of it's frontal image, 2) creation and experimental verification of new (linear and area) integral measures of geometrical asymmetry of comparable faces. A forming procedure of elaborated technique is so-called the MwW-normalization of a frontal facial image in absolute length/area units called Muld/Muld². Muld[pixel] equals 10 ± 0.56 mm (that is external diameter of eye iris of any person, which has reached 4 years old). Muld² [pixel] equals the proper area of eye iris on a person's image. The work contains also interesting knowledge concerning the context of elaborated technique.
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