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Content available remote On left multipliers and the commutativity of prime rings
Let R be an associative ring. An additive mapping H : R —> R is called a left multiplier if H(xy) = H(x)y, holds for all x, y e R. In this paper, we investigate commutativity of prime rings satisfying certain identities involving left multiplier. Some related results have also been discussed.
Content available remote Context-Free and E0L Derivations over Free Groups
In the context-free and E0L grammars discussed in this pa- per, the derivations are introduced over free groups rather than free monoids. It is proved that both grammars with derivations introduced in this way characterize the family of recursively enumerable languages in a very succinct way. Specifically, this characterization is based on the eight-nonterminal context-free grammars and six-nonterminal E0L grammars over free groups.
Content available remote On semiderivations of prime rings
Content available remote On Jordan ideals and Jordan derivations of prime rings
Let R be a 2-torsion free prime ring, and let J be a nonzero Jordan ideal and a subring of R. In the present paper it is shown that if d is an additive mapping of R into itself satisfying d(u2) = d(u)u + ud(u), for all u 6 J, then d(uv) = d(u)v + ud(v), for all u, v J.
Content available remote Centralizing mappings and derivations on semiprime rings
In this paper we study some properties of centralizing mappings on semi-prime rings. The main purpose is to prove the result: Let -R be a semiprime ring and f an endomorphism of R, g an epimorphism of R such that the mapping x -> [f(x),g(x)] is central. Then [f(x),g(x)] = 0 holds for all x e R. We also establish some results about (alpha,beta)-derivations.
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