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Due to several complexities associated with the equatorial ionosphere, and the significant role which the total electron content (TEC) variability plays in GPS signal transmission, there is the need to monitor irregularities in TEC during storm events. The GPS SCINDA receiver data at Ile-Ife, Nigeria, was analysed with a view to characterizing the ionospheric response to geomagnetic storms on 9 March and 1 October 2012. Presently, positive storm effects, peaks in TEC which were associated with prompt penetration of electric fields and changes in neutral gas composition were observed for the storms. The maximum percentage deviation in TEC of about 120 and 45% were observed for 9 March and 1 October 2012, respectively. An obvious negative percentage TEC deviation subsequent to sudden storm commencement (SSC) was observed and besides a geomagnetic storm does not necessarily suggest a high scintillation intensity (S4) index. The present results show that magnetic storm events at low latitude regions may have an adverse effect on navigation and communication systems.
Calculation results of the variations of dynamic and thermal process parameters in geospace plasma during the 13-15 November 2012, magnetic storm (MS) over Kharkov are presented. The calculations were based on experimental data obtained on the Kharkov incoherent scatter radar, single in the European mid-latitudes. Calculations showed that during the MS there took place an increase, by modulus, of the values of vertical component of transfer velocity, due to ambipolar diffusion, up to a factor of 1.4-2.1. During the MS there took place a decrease of the values of energy input to the electron gas by about 20-35%. During the main phase of MS, the heat flux density transferred by electrons increased up to a factor of 2-2.5. Results of estimates of the zonal component electric field value Ey are presented. During the MS the value of Ey was –9.5 mV/m. The vertical component of plasma velocity due to electromagnetic drift vEB has been calculated.
Content available remote Magnetic field contactless energy transfer to artificial organs
This paper presents a power electronics system for a contactless supply of energy, via a magnetic field, of isolated movable electrical equipment, e.g. an artificial heart, or any portable equipment. Contactless energy transmission in this system is performed by means of the coupling between windings placed on isolated movable parts of the core of a single-phase transformer. Theoretical analysis and practical results concerning the convereter configuration, control, operational safety and sensibility on a wide range variable coupling are presented.
It is known that during the geomagnetic storms an increase of the functional activity of the cardiovascular dosorders. Previous attempts to protect patients from geomagnetic storms by the use of iron shielding seem not have been quite successful. An alternative possibility is to use active shielding, or rather a compensatory method, which involves the creation in a hospital room of three-dimensional magnetic field time-varying within the normal variations of the geomagnetic field. The generated field must be maximally uniform, it must compensate for magnetic disturbances while retaining natural geomagnetic conditions - the main (quasi-constant) geomagnetic field as well as its short-periodic variations. To satisfy these requirements theoretical calculations and their experimental examinations have been carried out. Investigations using a magneto-compensating installation should give an answer to the fundamental question: are the variations of the geomagnetic field, as one of the consequences of the solar activity, the major, or at least a sufficient factor responsible for exacerbation of disorders of cardiovascular system? If the answer is affirmative, the installation could be recommended for use clinical practice.
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