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Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a progressive muscle wasting disease that affects approximately l in 3500 male births. We describe animal models of DMD with special reference to the mdx mouse. We also describe some of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) developed by the TREAT-NMD neuromuscular network (http://www.treat-nmd. eu/) for assessment of the mdx mouse, with a focus on techniques for assessing cardiac function that are used in our lab, including the cardiac conductance catheter. We have also recently developed cardiac MRI as a novel cardiac assessment technique for mouse models of muscular dystrophy. We describe how this technique can be used both in the assessment of ventricular function and in the investigation of the role of abnormal calcium influx in muscular dystrophy-associated cardiomyopathy.
In this paper we investigate a mathematical model of cancer invasion of tissue, which incorporates haptotaxis, chemotaxis, proliferation and degradation rates for cancer cells and the extracellular matrix, kinetics of urokinase receptor, and urokinase plasminogen activator cycle. We solve the model using spectrally accurate approximations and compare its numerical solutions with laboratory data. The spectral accuracy allows to use low-dimensional matrices and vectors, which speeds up the computations of the numerical solutions and thus to estimate the parameter values for the model equations. Our numerical results demonstrate correlations between numerical data computed from the mathematical model and in vivo tumour growth rates from prostate cell lines.
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