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In times of states experiencing lack of funds to finance their own economies it becomes rather essential to look for credit sources. Back in times and now also such an example could be a high economy state and/or a specialized organization. They are capable of setting up groundwork of an economic miracle by giving credit to those who need it. The credit in its turn can activate functioning of economic relations.
In this work, we compare Fourier transform, wavelet transform, and empirical mode decomposition (EMD), and point out that EMD method decomposes complex signal into a series of component functions through curves of local mean value. Each of Intrinsic Mode Functions (IMFs - component functions) contains all the information on the original signal. Therefore, it is more suitable for the interface identification of logging sequence strata. Well logging data reflect rich geological information and belong to non-linear and non-stationary signals and EMD method can deal with non-stationary and non-linear signals very well. By selecting sensitive parameters combination that reflects the regional geological structure and lithology, the combined parameter can be decomposed through EMD method to study the correlation and the physical meaning of each intrinsic mode function. Meanwhile, it identifies the stratigraphy and cycle sequence perfectly and provides an effective signal treatment method for sequence interface.
Zastosowanie śrub bikortykalnych do unieruchomienia szczękowo-żuchwowego jest powszechnym rozwiązaniem w chirurgii twarzowo-szczękowej. Stabilizacja żuchwy za pomocą śrub bikortykalnych posiada liczne zalety, jest mało skomplikowaną metodą, bezpieczną dla chorego. Aspekty biomechaniczne zachodzące w tego typu stabilizacji odłamów kostnych nie są nazbyt szeroko omawiane w literaturze. W pracy autorzy przeprowadzili analizę biomechaniczną śrub bikortykalnych stosowanych do unieruchomienia żuchwy z wykorzystaniem metody elementów skończonych. Dokonali analizy stanu przemieszczeń osiowych i naprężeń zredukowanych z uwzględnieniem przeznaczenia funkcjonalnego dla dwóch typów materiału śruby: stali Cr-Ni-Mo oraz stopu tytanu Ti-6Al-4V. Na podstawie uzyskanych wyników stwierdzono mniejsze wartości naprężeń zredukowanych w przypadku zastosowania śrub IMF wykonanych ze stali Cr-Ni-Mo.
The use of bicortical screws to immobilize the maxillo-mandibular joint is a common solution in maxillofacial surgery. Stabilization of the jaw by means of bicortical screws has numerous advantages: is not very complicated method, safe for the patient. Biomechanical aspects of place in this type of stabilization of the bone fragments are not too widely discussed. The authors conducted an analysis of bicortical screws used to immobilize the mandible using the finite element method. Analyzed the state of displacement and stress of taking into account the functional purpose for the two types of bolt material: stainless Cr-Ni-Mo and titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V. On the basis of obtained results in less stress values when using IMF screws made of stainless Cr-Ni-Mo.
Recent results of the study of March 13-14, 1989, geomagnetic (Dst=-600nT) show that the depletion of foF2 was simultaneously worldwide and extended to very low latitudes. These results appear to indicate that during intense storms there are no distinct local time variations of ionospheric storm effects. Presently, the F2 region global structure response to another intense storm was studies as to confirm the earlier results. The investigation used measured parameters of solar wind plasma and imbedded IMF, and foF2 data obtained from a global network ionosondes. The results obtained from the analysis of the measured parameters of solar wind plasma, Dst and Ap data show that arrival of the shock in the interplanetary medium is indicated by increases in plasma density and velocity , and a large southward turning of Bz. In addition, Ap peak accompanies the beginning of a high-speed stream. The event of October 20-21, 1989, is a triple step storm. The analysis of the foF2 data shows that during the October 20-21 storm the depletion of foF2 was restricted to the high and middle latitudes. Although the depletion diminished in amplitude towards the lower latitude, the F2 region global structure response lacked simultaneity unlike the storm of March 13-14 in which the depletion of foF2 was extended to a latitude as low as 12.4N, and at the same time globally. The present results appear to confirm the suggestion of Chukwuma (2003) that the F2 region global structure response during the storm of March 13-14 may be due to the very intensive nature of that particular storm.
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