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Application of solid lubricant nanoparticles to achieve the ultra low friction is proved to be a promising way of tribology development. A new exfoliation based technology of MoS2 solid lubricant nanoparticles is developed and elaborated in this work. The mechanical exfoliation technology of manufacturing MoS2 graphene-like nanoparticles by carefully controlling exfoliation parameters is examined with rolling cleavage machine, and the first characterization of nanoparticle–microparticle mixture obtained by this technology is made. The results reveal the promising application potential of the method.
The advent of non-thermal plasma brought a breakthrough in exploring its clinical applications in dermatology to bolster tissue generation in the domain of plasma medicine. This study aimed to investigate the effect of non-thermal plasma on the corneocyte of the skin cells, in treating superficial skin diseases via the process of corneocyte desquamation, a probable mechanism for skin cell proliferation. The postulated brick and mortar arrangement of corneocytes in the stratum corneum was modeled consisting of three corneocytes and three corneodesmosomes in a simulation domain of 40.30 × 3.00 μm2 using Maxwell 2D finite element analyzer. The corneocyte desquamation was quantified by the weakening of corneodesmosomes due to electrostatic pressure (~530 MV/m) on the corneodesmosome surface exceeding its tensile strength (~76 MPa). A mathematical model displaying a relationship between the plasma potential and the skin tensile strength is also presented in this investigation. The non-thermal plasma could emerge as a clean and dry therapy to treat superficial skin diseases. Our study propels investigating the interaction of non-thermal plasma with the wet tissue in the deeper layer (dermis) of the skin cells and also, the development of such instruments for a comprehensive skin treatment.
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