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Fasciculi Mathematici
2010 Nr 45 59-69
EN This paper is twofold. First we prove a common fixed point theorem for a pair of weakly compatible mappings along with E.A. property. This theorem improves and generalizes a result of Jungck [5] without any continuity requirement besides relaxing the containment of the range of one map into the rang[...]
Acta Geophysica
EN The average value of the intrinsic shear wave quality factor, Qβ, for the 15 km of the upper crust in the NW Himalaya is estimated. Thirty-two teleseismic broadband SH and sSH waveforms of 8 October 2005 South Asian earthquake (Mw = 7.6), from sixteen Global Seismographic Network stations of th[...]
Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
2016 Vol. 16, no. 3 473--484
EN An ultrasonic vibration setup has been designed and fabricated to make a comparative study between conventional frictions stir processing and ultrasonic assisted friction stir processing. Effects of ultrasonic vibrations on rotational speeds as well as processing speeds are studied. A series of expe[...]
Journal of Applied Analysis
EN In the present paper we study the generalized slow growth of special monogenic functions. The characterizations of generalized order, generalized lower order, generalized type and generalized lower type of special monogenic functions have been obtained in terms of their Taylor series coefficients.
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics
EN The aim of this study was to determine biomechanical loads and subjective stresses on lumber graders and associated morbidity in a high risk and repetitive sawmill occupation. The exposures of all 29 male sawmill worker volunteers were recorded. Motion and posture were studied with electrogoniometer[...]
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics
2010 Vol. 16, No. 1 105--111
EN The objectives of this study were to examine the agreement between 5 ergonomic risk assessment methods calculated on the basis of quantitative exposure measures and to examine the ability of the methods to correctly classify 4 at risk jobs. Surface electromyography and electrogoniometry were used to[...]
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics
2008 Vol. 14, No. 3 305--311
EN Two types of computer input devices, a conventional mouse and a roller bar one, were studied in terms of muscular activitiy in m. trapezius dexter, m. deltoideus anterior dexter and m. extensor digitorum dexter, and comfort rating. Fifteen university students and employees participated in this study[...]
Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica
EN The problem of thermal instability of the Rivlin-Ericksen elasto-viscous fluid in a porous medium is considered in the presence of uniform rotation, suspended particles and variable gravity field. The rotation, gravity field, suspended particles and viscoelasticity introduce oscillatory modes. It is[...]
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
2010 Vol. 15, no 4 1155-1168
EN The effects of volumetric energy generation on phase change problems are important for many engineering applications including casting of nuclear waste materials, vivo freezing of biological tissues solar collectors etc. In the present study, a 1-D transient heat transfer analysis is carried out to [...]
Acta Geophysica
EN This paper presents a relationship between the focal depth in terms of Rayleigh-wave wavelength and the dominant frequency of Rayleigh waves generated in a homogeneous half-space. Rayleigh waves were simulated using a (2, 4) staggered grid P-SV wave finite difference algorithm with VGR-stress imagin[...]
Acta Geophysica
EN This paper presents the effects of soil layering on the characteristics of basin-edge induced surface waves and associated strain and aggravation factor. The simulated results revealed surface wave generation near the basin-edge. The first mode of induced Love wave was obtained in models having incr[...]
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
EN Purpose: The present paper describes a knowledge-based system (KBS) developed for selection of progressive die components to automate the design process of progressive dies in stamping industries. Design/methodology/approach: The production rule based KBS approach of Artificial Intelligence (AI) ha[...]
Polish Journal of Chemistry
EN Polyurethanes with varying concentrations of dipolar chromophore, namely 4-{4-[bis(2- hydroxyethyl) amino] phenylazo} benzonitrile were synthesized and characterized by thermal and spectral techniques. The effect of varying concentrations of dipolar chromophore on physicochemical properties of the p[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2015 Vol. 53 nr 4 925—934
EN For understanding the effects of an internal microstructure, generalised microcontinuum theories with additional microstructural parameters are developed. One such a parameter, called the characteristic length of the material comparable with the internal cell size of the material is involved in the [...]
Opuscula Mathematica
EN In this paper, different sufficient conditions for exact controllability of semilinear systems with a single constant point delay in control are established in infinite dimensional space. The existence and uniqueness of mild solution is also proved under suitable assump­tions. In particular, local L[...]
Engineering Transactions
EN The effect of rotation and suspended particles on the stability of an incompressible Walters�f (model B�Ś) fluid heated from below under a variable gravity field in a porous medium is considered. By applying a normal mode analysis method, the dispersion relation has been derived and solved numerical[...]
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
2017 Vol. 55 nr 2 535--546
EN The paper deals with propagation of SH waves in a viscoelastic layer over a couple stress substrate with imperfect bonding at the interface. A dispersion equation of SH waves in a viscoelastic layer overlying the couple stress substrate with an imperfect interface between them has been obtained. Dis[...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
2015 Vol. 137, nr 3 369--386
EN The concept of region incrementing in visual cryptography was introduced to encrypt an image into multiple secrecy levels. But, it suffers from the pixel expansion increasing exponentially as the number of participants grows. In this paper, we propose a region incrementing visual secret sharing (RIV[...]
Archives of Acoustics
EN Bone loss is one of the serious health issues in bedridden patients or young generation due to lack of physical activities. Mechanical forces are exerted on the bones through ground reaction forces, liquid loadings and by other contraction activities of the muscles. We are assuming an isotropic half[...]
PL Dwuwarstwowe hydroksyzwiązki (LDH) stanowią grupę nieorganicznych materiałów mineralnych, w których aniony umiejscowione są pomiędzy dodatnio naładowanymi warstwami wodorotlenków metali. Zainteresowanie tymi związkami ciągle wzrasta, ponieważ mogą być one stosowane jako katalizatory lub ich nośniki,[...]
EN Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) is a class of inorganic clay materials having layered structure in which anions are accommodated between the positively charged metal hydroxide layers. An increasing interest exists, because this class of materials can be used as catalysts, photo catalysts, catalysts s[...]
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