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Przegląd Elektrotechniczny
2012 R. 88, nr 3b 156-160
PL W artykule zaprezentowano metodę symulacji nagrzewania podziemnego kabla. Wykonano obliczenia wykorzystując równania Laplace i Poissona przy warunkach granicznych bazujących na algorytmie genetycznym. Określono też przeciążalność prądową kabla.
EN A numerical study based on an optimal heat line simulation method is proposed to calculate the steady-state temperature distribution of underground power cables surrounded by sand backfill and soil. Virtual heat lines are used to replace the heat in the cable conductors in this method. The heat and [...]
Fundamenta Informaticae
EN Driver fatigue detection based on computer vision is considered as one of the most hopeful applications of image recognition technology. The key issue is to extract and select useful features from the driver images. In this work, we use the properties of image sequences to describe states of drivers[...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
PL Kompletna sekwencja wydzieleń dwóch odlanych stopów Al-Mg-Si 6005 (zawierąjacych 0 i 0.1%.wag Cu), w temperaturze 150 stopni Celsjusza, została zbadana przy użyciu dyfrakcji rentgenowskiej, transmisyjnej mikroskopii elektronowej i badań twardości. Sekwencja wydzieleń w stopie nie zawierającym Cu moż[...]
EN The whole precipitation sequences of two as-cast Al-Mg-Si 6005 alloys (containing no Cu or 0.1 wt.% Cu) at 150 degree Celsjus were investigated using X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy and hardness examinations. The precipitation sequence of the Cu-free alloy can be expressed as: su[...]
Polish Journal of Ecology
EN Field measured N2O emissions in two years were used to parameterize and validate a process-based model, DNDC, for an alpine Kobresia humilis meadow on the Tibetan Plateau in China. Although this model failed to capture the N2O fluxes in some time periods in the spring or autumn, the modeled results [...]
Polish Journal of Ecology
EN Nitrous oxide (N[2]O) was one of the major atmospheric greenhouse gases. Its budget was poorly understood in alpine meadow, a dominant vegetation type on the Tibetan Plateau. To characterize a Kobresia humilis meadow on the plateau, N[2]O emission rates were monitored from June 2003 to June 2006 in [...]
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
EN Isothermal hot compression experiments were carried out using the Gleeble-1500D thermal mechanical simulator. The flow stress of the Cu-1%Zr and Cu-1%Zr-0.15%Y alloys was studied at hot deformation temperature of 550°C, 650°C, 750°C, 850°C, 900°C and the strain rate of 0.001 s-1, 0.01 s
Polish Journal of Ecology
2015 Vol. 63, nr 2 223--232
EN This study was aimed at qualifying the methane emission ability of different communities in alpine meadow, and monitoring if the dominant species from these communities could emit methane in a sand culture experiment. Using the static chamber technique and gas chromatography method, two experiments [...]
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