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Volumina Jurassica
EN Tragophylloceras cf. loscombi (Sowerby) has been found in the Kaszewy 1 borehole (central Poland), in the Upper Pliensbachian strata (Margaritatus Zone, Subnodosus Subzone), assigned to the Drzewica Formation. Hitherto, all ammonite finds in the epicontinental Lower Jurassic in Poland have been rest[...]
Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics
2014 Vol. 97 112--131
EN This research is devoted to the study of vertical movements of the European crust on the basis of two independent methods, namely tide gauge and GNSS observations results. The description and classification of factors affecting sea level change has been made. The precision with which the movement of[...]
Przegląd Geologiczny
EN In Ordovician times the Łysogóry Region (northern Holy Cross Mts.) was located in the marginal part of Baltica, thus, the sea-level history reconstructed for this palaeocontinent appears to be a good background for discussing relationships between sea-level changes and the studied sedimentary record[...]
2014 Vol. 20, No. 3 215--221
EN At a glance, progress in palaeontology and eustatic reconstructions in the past decade permits to prove or to disprove the possible dependence of Palaeozoic brachiopod generic diversity dynamics on global sea-level changes. However, the available diversity curve is of much lower resolution than the [...]
Polish Geological Institute Special Papers
2003 Vol. 10 5-79
PL Krzywą względnych zmian poziomu morza skonstruowano na podstawie 314 dat radiowęglowych osadów pochodzących z różnych środowisk lądowych i morskich. Próbki do datowań pobrano z 163 stanowisk zlokalizowanych na obszarze polskiej części południowego Bałtyku i przyległej strefy brzegowej. Przy konstruo[...]
EN The relative sea level curve was developed for the southern Baltic area, based on a set of 314 radiocarbon datings of different terrestrial and marine sediments, collected at 163 sites located in the Polish part of the Southern Baltic and in the adjacent coastal land area. When developing the curve,[...]
Polish Geological Institute Special Papers
2004 Vol. 12 5-154
PL We wczesnej jurze, w rozległym epikontynentalnym basenie rozciągającym się na obszarze Polski, osadziło się do 1400 metrów utworów terygenicznych pochodzenia lądowego, marginalno-morskiego i morskiego. Utwory te są zdefiniowane w niniejszej pracy jako Grupa Kamiennej (Gr.), która została podzielona [...]
EN During the Early Jurassic times terrigenous, continental, marginal-marine and marine sediments up to 1400 m in thickness were deposited in a large epeiric basin extending across Poland. These strata are defined herein as the Kamienna Group, which is subdivided into 13 newly distinguished or re-defin[...]
2010 Vol. 16, No. 4 235--243
EN The relationships between the interior dynamics of our planet and global sea level can be unravelled when plate-tectonic reconstructions are available for the entire Earth. A review of global tectonics reveals significant deficiencies in our understanding of the geodynamic evolution of the Pacific ([...]
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