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Opto - Electronics Review
EN In this work we report on fabrication of quantum wires and quantum point contacts from the modulation doped CdMgTe/Cd(Mn)Te structures, with the application of a high-resolution electron-beam lithography. We emphasize on methods which were not yet utilized for these substrate materials. In particula[...]
Materials Science Poland
2005 Vol. 23, No. 1 221--226
EN The chemical composition of newly developed anisotropic etching solution and several experimental results obtained with heterostructure barrier varactor (HBV) deep mesa formation are presented. The novel solution enables the deep etching of the InGaAs/InAlAs/AlAs heterostructure over InP substrate, [...]
Materials Science Poland
2016 Vol. 34, No. 4 872--880
EN The main goal of the studies on epitaxial regrowth process of InP on patterned substrates is to gain knowledge about growth rates and interface quality on various areas to improve the fabrication technology for future applications. Prepared samples were measured at every step of the process by scann[...]
Opto - Electronics Review
EN This review is an attempt to survey all the etching techniques that have been used since the very beginning stages of HgCdTe device fabrication to the most recent ones. Recent state of the art device architectures such as high-density focal plane arrays, avalanche photodiodes, two-colour and multisp[...]
Przegląd Elektrotechniczny
2010 R. 86, nr 7 281-283
PL W artykule zostały przedstawione metody optymalizacji parametrów w programie Etch3D oraz wyniki symulacji trawienia krzemu w KOH w porównaniu ze strukturami próbnymi. Celem niniejszych badań była kalibracja parametrów symulatora do warunków procesów przeprowadzanych w ITE. Do analizy wpływu parametr[...]
EN The methods of parameters optimization in the program Etch3D and results of simulations of silicon etching in KOH in comparison with experiments are presented. The aim of this study was to calibrate the tool to a set of process conditions that is offered by ITE. The Taguchi approach [4] was used to [...]
Elektronika : konstrukcje, technologie, zastosowania
PL Postęp w dziedzinie wytwarzania urządzeń półprzewodnikowych i układów scalonych wynika głównie z procesu miniaturyzacji. W wyniku miniaturyzacji wzrasta wydajność oraz zmniejsza się pobór mocy zaawansowanych przyrządów elektronicznych. W chwili obecnej technologia fotolitografii jest podstawowym nar[...]
EN Rapid progress in fabrication of the semiconductor devices and integrated circuits is mainly due to miniaturization. As a result of the miniaturization process improved performance and reduced power consumption is introduced to high- end electronic devices. At the present state mainly photolithograp[...]
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