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w słowach kluczowych:  właściwość monotoniczna
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Journal of Mathematics and Applications
2018 Vol. 41 157--170
EN In this paper we prove FG-coupled fixed point theorems for Kannan, Reich and Chatterjea type mappings in partially ordered complete metric spaces using mixed monotone property.
Demonstratio Mathematica
2017 Vol. 50, nr 1 360--374
EN In this paper we prove the existence and uniqueness of coincident (fixed) points for nonlinear mappings of any number of arguments under a (ψ ,θ, φ)-weak contraction condition without O-compatibility. The obtained results extend, improve and generalize some well-known results in the literature to be[...]
Demonstratio Mathematica
2013 Vol. 46, nr 2 327--334
EN In this paper, we have introduced a generalised Kannan type contraction. It has been established that such mappings necessarily have fixed points in a complete partially ordered metric space. The fixed point is unique under some additional conditions. The result is illustrated with an example. The w[...]
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