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Journal of KONES
EN Opposed-piston (OP) engine’s promising fuel efficiency has attracted the interest of automotive industry in the recent years. The opposed-piston two-stroke (OP2S) engine technology heightens this fuel efficiency benefit and offers advances in structure, power density and thermal efficiency whilst su[...]
Combustion Engines
EN In order to maximise engine heat efficiency an engines charge flow must be properly designed -especially its swirl and tumble ratio. A two-stroke compression-ignition opposed piston engine reacts to engine swirl differently compared to a standard automotive engine with axially symmetric combustion c[...]
Combustion Engines
2017 R. 56, nr 3 147--153
EN This paper discusses the modeling of a fuel injector to be applied in a two-stroke diesel engine. A one-dimensional model of a diesel injector was modeled in the AVL Hydsim. The research assumption is that the combustion chamber will be supplied with one or two spray injectors with a defined number [...]
Journal of KONES
2015 Vol. 22, No. 4 187--190
EN The two-stroke engines have never acquired the popularity of the four-stroke engines due to their inherent performance limitations. The tasks of many engineering teams were to find the basic causes, which resulted in the inferior performance of these engines. Today’s task is to build a two-stroke en[...]
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